Michael Michelotti
DHT11 Driver
DHT11 Driver cover photo
Linux sysfs device driver for a DHT11 humidity sensor.
This project is a Linux platform device driver I wrote to interact with a DHT11 temperature and humidity sensor via the Linux sysfs psuedo-filesystem. It allows you to change directory to `/sys/devices/platform/dht11` and read the temperature with `cat temperature` or the humidity with `cat humidity`.
The driver is built for a BeagleBone Black, which is a community-driven Single Board Computer (SBC) project similar to Raspberry Pi. It houses a AM3358 family Microcontroller (MCU) / System on Chip (SOC) from TI. The repository includes a device tree overlay for the BeagleBone Black, which configures the board to communicate with the DHT11 sensor on header P8, pin 6.
Tech Used